33rd Panhellenic Statistics  Conference

Statistics in the Economy and Administration

Larissa, September, 23 – 26, 2021 (Online Event)

Statistics in the Economy and Administration

The Panhellenic Statistics Conference is the main conference in Statistics and Probability in Greece. It is co-organized once a year by the Greek Statistical Institute ─a member of the Federation of European National Statistical Societies─ and by an academic unit from Greece or Cyprus. The very first convention was held in Thessaloniki in 1985, and the 33rd will be co-organized by the Greek Statistical Institute and two Departments of the University of Thessaly, the Department of Business Administration and the Department of Economics, in the city of Larissa. It is a conference where statisticians, mathematicians etc. of all ages and walks of life meet to exchange ideas and talk about new developments in statistics, operation research, probability theory and related fields.

This year, the main theme regards the ways Statistics can help manage for the benefit of both science and society, the explosion of digitization observed in all aspects of life, especially, economic and administrative life, that occurs through the daily recording and storing of large volumes data and information by people and corporations.

The Conference will take place from September 23 to September 26, 2021, Online.

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33rd Panhellenic Statistics Conference

The conference is co-organized by the Greek Statistical Institute and the Departments of Business Administration and of Economics, University of Thessaly